Web Design - PR-Hydraulik

Creation of a corporate website for a technically oriented company

PR-Hydraulik is a start-up and therefore the corporate identity was completely newly developed by Webspace Design.

The color blue is the favorite color of the company owner and therefore this color became the main element of the visual design. As the company specializes in hydraulics, the images and the overall composition are also in this theme. Images are licensed.

The website was created in Wix and is also hosted by Wix. New domain and email address were purchased. Logo files were co-designed with the owner and created in Wix. Wix provides various logo formats. This allowed further banding such as company car branding, business cards, stickers and t-shirts.

PR-Hydraulik manages the entire website in Wix. SEO and Google integration also run directly through Wix. There is also the possibility to write professional articles blog and share this content very easily and quickly thanks to the social media integration of Wix.

The company PR-Hydraulik is completely digitally on the way and thanks to the tools also in the future very flexible and scalable as desired.

I wish the company PR-Hydraulik great success!